Friday, February 25, 2011

The Black Terror #14 (Preview)

Story by
Phil Hester
Art by
Jack Herbert
Cover by
Alex Ross, Stephen Sadowski
Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price:
Release Date
Wed, February 2nd, 2011
The mind blowing conclusion to Inhuman Remains is here. The Black Terror battles his greatest foe when he comes face to face with Bob Benson, his own alter ego. To make matters worse, The Black Baron assembles a cadre of super villains to destroy both The Black Terror and Benson. But will any of them be spared the incalculable wrath of the goddess Pandora?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alex Ross convida desenhista brasileiro para Kirby: Genesis

Por Marcus Ramone   Siga Marcus Ramone no Twitter   | 18-02-2011
Jack Herbert, desenhista paraibano com passagem por algumas editoras de quadrinhos dos Estados Unidos, foi convidado pelo ilustrador norte-americano Alex Ross para assumir ao seu lado a arte da série Kirby: Genesis, da Dynamite Entertainment.
Escrita por Kurt Busiek, Kirby: Genesis estreará no próximo mês de maio, apresentando uma nova visão sobre personagens - como Captain Victory e Silver Star - e conceitos criados por Jack Kirby (1917 - 1994).
Na trama, a sonda espacial Pioneer 10, que levou para os confins do cosmos mensagens da Terra - na forma de sons, imagens e símbolos -, foi interceptada por uma civilização extraterrestre. Uma resposta é enviada de volta e isso trará profundas mudanças para os terráqueos.
Kirby: GenesisKirby: Genesis

Essa, sem dúvida, foi a matéria mais bem escrita que ja fizeram sobre algum trabalho meu. Sucinta, direta e informativa.  Gostaria de agradecer ao Marcus Ramone ao Sidney Guzman, e ao site UniversoHQ ( que foi de onde eu retirei essa matéria.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Official Press Release

You marveled at Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvels! Now, prepare to be blown away by Kirby: Genesis!

Coming this May from Dynamite, Kurt Busiek will be re-teaming with Alex Ross for Kirby: Genesis, their first full collaboration since 1993's Marvels! With Kirby: Genesis, Busiek and Ross are primed to expand on the vision of the legendary Jack Kirby with the same dynamic and unique perspective on superheroes that made Marvels such an original and successful story, allowing a new generation of comic book readers to become acquainted with the genius that is Jack Kirby!

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that Alex Ross is not only co-plotting and laying out pages, but working with Kurt and Jack Herbert for special interior painted pages in the series.

The Kirby Event of the new millennium begins here, brought to you by the best-selling and award-winning creators of Marvels! The Pioneer 10 space probe carried a message to the stars. Now an answer's on the way -- but not one we expected! When it arrives, the lives of three ordinary people -- and the entire world -- will be changed forever. Featuring Captain Victory, Silver Star and more of Jack Kirby's greatest concepts, with finished art (from Alex's layouts) by Jack Herbert (Black Terror). Don't miss this tantalizing prelude to Kirby -- a bold, explosive adventure debuting a universe of wild Kirby creations! This is the beginning. This is THE Genesis!

This 32-page book with original story and art as well as additional bonus material will have a $1.00 Suggested Introductory Price!

"I'm delighted to see how the artwork's developing, from Kirby's designs to Alex's layouts to Jack Herbert's artwork. Jack's a terrific draftsman and storyteller, and he's doing a really sweet job bringing the story to life," says writer Kurt Busiek. "His work also meshes well with Alex's, which goes beyond just layout, since there are various sequences in the story where Alex is doing fully painted art, including some where Jack's line art and Alex's painting are merged together. It's a terrifically effective combination."

"Working with Jack Herbert is an absolute thrill,"
says legendary artist Alex Ross. "I've been so knocked out by his recent work on Black Terror, and now we will work side by side on Kirby: Genesis. I'm satisfying my desire to get inside the story more by doing some full pages, panels, layouts, and even some figures that will only be seen as paintings by me. The excitement is that much greater when you're working with such an amazing artist as Jack. His stuff is just beautiful."

"I'm very honored to be able to be part of this project. It's such a huge honor for me, who grew up seeing the King's art,"
says artist Jack Herbert. "Not to mention the opportunity to work with such talented Comics masters as Alex & Kurt. I hope that with this series the new generation of comic-readers fall in love with such amazing universe of characters that only the fruitful mind of Jack "The King" Kirby could create. It's gonna be a wild and unique ride, gang!"

"Alex is so excited about the project that he wants to work hand in hand with Jack to paint as many interior pages as possible, which thrilled us all to no end,"
says Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci. "Having Kurt and Alex together again collaborating on one of Dynamite's most important projects to date is nothing short of amazing. Alex is making time in his schedule by turning down other work to make time to ensure that every page he paints be the best it can be. Fans will be impressed with this series. Jack Kirby's memory and work will be remembered by his fans and thanks to the creative team involved, will be brought to a new generation of comics fans."

"Having worked with Alex for the last several years, on a variety of projects, has been a personal high point in my professional career,"
says Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt. "Now, adding Kurt to the mix takes it up from the fantastic to the incredible. The work these two men are doing, with the able help of Jack Herbert, is unparalleled in the world of pop culture... and Kirby defines - and now re-defines - pop culture."

Sunday, February 06, 2011


This is a commission I did to a friend. But  actually through the commission  that I had the opportunity to think about the concept of The Dark Knight and thus be able to retract my version.
As Batman has no superpowers, should be a pretty strong guy (in the comics and I exaggerate a bit) and fast ( should not wear a very heavy clothe, to no restrict their movements).
   It’s necessary a protective genital not to suffer the humiliation of bowing before a simple kick in the nuts (a concept borrowed by Dave Finch), and a powerful helm that protects it from hard knocks to the head. But that's not all! Above all, should be portrayed in a disturbing way (it should be able to scare any villain who cross him in a dark alley in Gotham)!
I hope you enjoyed my version of this great comic character @j4ckherbert

Esse é um comission que eu fiz para um amigo. Mas na realidade, através dessa comission eu tive a oportunidade de pensar no conceito do Cavaleiro das trevas, e assim, poder retratar a minha versão. 
O Batman como não tem poderes especiais, deve ser um sujeito bastante forte (e nos quadrinhos eu posso exagerar um pouco mais) e rápido (por isso não deve usar uma roupa muito pesada, ou que limite seus movimentos). Precisa de um protetor genital para não sofrer a humilhação de se curvar diante de um simples chute no saco (conceito emprestado pelo Dave Finch), e um poderoso helmo que o proteja de impactos fortes na cabeça. Mas não é só isso! Acima de tudo, deve ser retratado de maneira perturbadora (ele deve ser capaz de meter medo em qualquer vilão que cruze com ele em um beco escuro de Gothan)!
Espero que tenham gostado da minha versão desse grande personagem dos quadrinhos. @j4ckherbert

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Black Terror # 13 (Some pages)

Want more? Check out on newsstands Black Terror 13 with the special participation of jack Herbert.

"If you're tired of the death and dejection that has become a replacement for the word Detective, then look no further than the other D comic book publisher, Dynamite and the Black Terror."